Microsoft Edge Browser Support

Microsoft Edge web browser(Microsoft Edge Browser support) developed by Microsoft. It comes in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and XBOX one, Microsoft Edge Replacing Internet Explorer browser on all devices.
Motive to replace Microsoft Internet Explorer into Microsoft Edge to be a layout engine and lightweight web browsing. Any assistance call us on 1 (844) 307 9949 any time and our technical support team is ready to help you.

Edge Browser Support Features

  • Reading Mode
  • Cortana
  • Annotation tools
  • HTML Standards 5
  • Market Share- Google Chrome 64.98%
  • Mozilla Firefox 14.6%
  • Internet Explorer 9.21%
  • Safari 6.46%
  • Microsoft Edge 5.3%

Microsoft Edge Browser Support team is ready to help you, just call us on  1 (844) 307 9949

Microsoft Edge not support ActiveX ofinternet explorer. Extension supoorts added in preview and released in 2016 and Microsoft Edge extension are available in Windows Store.

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