Microsoft Chat Support

Install, upgrade, & activate

Product key, activation, installation, upgrade to Windows 10, troubleshooting, compatibility report.

Microsoft account

Manage passwords, payment and billing, subscriptions, privacy, devices, family, find lost devices.


Get online, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Sense, Bluetooth, Remote Desktop, VPN, broadband, cellular settings, airplane mode, IP address.

Devices & drivers

Connect to a printer, connect to Bluetooth devices, Device Manager, add device, sound problems, touchpad gestures.

Get Started

What's new, Start menu, search, Cortana, Edge, apps, Photos, Maps, Xbox, File Explorer, personalization, touch and keyboard.

Email & communication

Mail, contacts, Calendar, People app, Skype,, social networks, Facebook, Messaging.

Repair & recovery

PC recovery options, File History, System Restore, free up drive space, safe mode, Disk Cleanup, startup settings, back up and restore files

Security & privacy

Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, malware, viruses, security and maintenance settings, privacy settings.

Microsoft Chat Support Or Call On +1 (844) 307 9949

Get instant help with Microsoft Chat Support. Our experts are ready to assist you through all your queries. You can also call us on our toll free number + 1 (844) 307 9949. if you are having trouble with other Microsoft products you can browse our support website for instant support.

We will help you by resolving your devices issues via Microsoft Chat support or call. We are here to solve your technical issues insuring a smile of satisfaction. So text us right now for instant help or contact us directly by calling us on our toll free number + 1 (844) 307 9949

How to start a chat support session?

Microsoft Chat Support 1. Click on the green box below left on your computer screen,

2. Enter your name and contact details, with a brief description of the issue you are facing.

3. Our technical support team member will assist you further to solve your issue.

We are available 24/7 to help you, so start a chat session or call us on + 1 (844) 307 9949 (toll free)

Microsoft Chat Support can help you to fix all your issues related to Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office-com-setup, Windows 10 Support, Windows 8 Support, Windows 7 Support, Windows Vista Support, Windows XP Support, Microsoft internet Explorer Support & Microsoft Edge Browser Support. This chat support portal is operated by professional technicians who are capable of solving your issues by providing step by step solution so contact us now.

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